2023 began with an absolute bang (and not in a great way). My family was hit by a nasty coughing virus just as I was getting ready to start my photography year. I ended up having to postpone several sessions. While this was super disappointing for everyone, it gives me an opportunity to talk about one of the fundamental principles of my studio: safety first. 

Safety first is about preventing the spread of bugs whenever I can

Newborns are incredibly vulnerable to the virus soup floating around at the moment. On top of Covid-19, there is whooping cough, the flu and other run-of-the-mill seasonal illnesses. As a mum, I know just how devastating it can be when your baby gets sick. 

So, what do I do to protect you and your little one? 


When you first arrive, I use hand sanitiser (there is a bottle on the top of my desk by the front door of the studio – you can sanitise too!). This is one way I can ensure I am not bringing the bugs from my own kids into the studio. I also re-sanitise during the session.

Masking up and clean air

During newborn sessions, I wear a KF94 mask. These masks have been found to be comparable to N95s and I find them quite comfortable for the longer newborn sessions. 

I have also invested in a Hepa air purifier for the studio. 

Washing between use

During the session, you may notice that once we use any wrap, hat or prop, I put it into a washing pile. I wash all fabric items after every session to prevent the spread of bugs from baby to baby. The fragile pieces get sprayed with a sanitising spray (I also have my eye on a UV sanitising cabinet for later this year). 

Postponing until everyone is healthy

Finally, if I am sick, I will postpone. I ask that you do the same if you or other family members are hit by something. 

Yes, postponing a session sucks. But it is a million times better than sharing something that could cause temporary or even long-term harm to vulnerable newborns.