I am not the cheapest - and that’s ok

Times are tough - I am sure we all heard the news recently that New Zealand has slipped in a technical recession. I am sure you are all feeling it in your own lives. Cost of living is high. 

And I get that. 

And almost all the queries I get at the moment ask one question straight off the bat: how much does a session cost? When I reply explaining my process and my prices, nine times out of ten, those prospective clients look elsewhere. 

And guess what. I get that too. 

Portrait photography is an investment. With maternity and newborn photography, there is a time crunch. We want to capture an event, a special moment in time. With family and empowerment photography, there is often a reason. And let's face it, those reasons and time crunches may not align with our own savings or financial situation. 

I want everyone to have beautiful portraits. But I am also running a business with all sorts of expenses and I have goals. 

When I decided on my pricing, I made a choice about the printed artwork I would offer. I wanted to have beautiful wall art and albums that could be treasured for years. I wanted quality products. 

Were my prices perfect? Absolutely not. I have had to make tweaks. I have also reintroduced digital packages - something I never planned to do - because I understand this is something that some people want. 

I am now very happy with my offering and price points. 

And I am going honest. I am not the cheapest in Wellington. Not even close. Nor am I the most expensive - but that is neither here nor there. 

What I am offering my clients something special - beautiful images and, hopefully, an incredible experience from first contact through to artwork delivery. I will go out of my way to meet you where you are at, including answering any questions, fun sessions, portraits that surpass your expectations, in-home or Zoom ordering sessions and hand-delivery when your artwork is ready. 

Am I perfect? Not at all. But I hope my clients understand that while I am not the cheapest, I am going to try and make the experience one to remember. One that is recommended enthusiastically to others. 

I am also not offended if I don’t fit your budget. That is absolutely ok! I offer payment plans for those who do want to work with me. I am always happy to tailor packages to you.

In the end, portrait photography is an investment. But when you invest wisely, it is something you will never regret.