Last week, I read a Facebook post that said “Digital files don’t become heirlooms”. 

This statement has stuck with me since. 

When I look at my phone, I see more than 10,000 photos that have not been printed. The lives of both my girls are documented. But how often do I go back and look at the images? How easy is it to find my oldest daughter’s fifth birthday? Or the images from my youngest daughter’s first year? I am not going to lie, it would take a bit of effort. 

It is time for me to get them printed. And for me to carry over the same principles into my business.

So many people ask me for just digital files, And I understand that. Digital files give us the opportunity to load images to social media and send them around the world to family overseas. 

But, digital files are incredibly temporary and so easy to lose. They often end up on our social media pages and on our computers. But how often do we pull them out to actually look at them? How often do we pull them up on our computer to tell our kids the stories behind the shots? 

Printed images give you something to look at, enjoy, and, hopefully, hand down to future generations. Research has also shown that printing photos and displaying them helps children feel like they belong, creates a shared experience for families and increases children’s own self esteem.

In January, I added albums to my product range. I have three options available, from a 5x7 postcard-sized album to a larger, leather bound beauty. I also have enlargements (with some beautiful vintage-inspired frames) and canvases. And don’t worry - the digital files come with the albums. So, you can still share your portraits online.

As a photographer, I have been slow to embrace printed products. It was always cheaper to shoot and burn to a CD or USB. But I will increasingly place an emphasis on print products - with digitals playing a secondary role. I want you to have big beautiful portraits on your wall. I want you to enjoy the product of your session with me. And, I want them to be images that become family treasures - containing a story for people in the portraits that they can share with those who weren't there. 

If you want to read more about the positive role printed images can have on children, you can find more information here: