At the end of last year, I decided to introduce boudoir sessions as part of my studio’s offerings. And almost immediately, my mind started to bring forth images of the glamour lingerie shots of the late 1980s/early 1990s. Big hair, soft focus and bright light. If you lived through those decades, I am sure you remember the look. 

But never fear, that is not what you will see at Debrin Foxcroft Photography (unless you want a themed shoot!).

And it all goes back to what I hope you can take away from your session. 

I want my boudoir clients to feel empowered. To feel powerful. To find confidence in the images – regardless of a person’s size and place in life. These sessions are about you. Maybe you have just gone through a divorce and want to take back your identity. Maybe you have gone through some challenging times in your life and want to celebrate surviving. Maybe you have finished having your children and are ready to celebrate the end of one stage and the beginning of a new one. Maybe you are about to get married and want to create images that glory in your shift from single to part of a couple. Maybe you want to celebrate life, your own achievements and power as an individual. No matter where you are, boudoir images are about celebrating you and where you are at. 

How will we achieve this?

Well, this is a safe environment for you. Your session will be fully planned with you ahead of time. We will discuss what you are hoping to achieve and what you are comfortable with doing. You will experience a luxury hair and make-up experience in the studio or on-location before we go into your session. I will lead you through the session with fun, laughter and definitely some music.

My style of photography is about how light dances over your curves to celebrate what makes you you.  

Finally, your images will be kept under lock and key and will not be shared publicly unless you give written consent.

So, while these sessions are called “boudoir”,  the reality is that these are all about empowerment. If this sounds like something you might be interested in - get in touch!