Hi, I am Debrin.

I am a mother of two gorgeous girls and wife to a hard working IT expert. We are based in Johnsonville, Wellington. 

My love of photography began in high school (and the days of film!) and took flight as I traveled throughout my 20s. 

I studied photojournalism at the University of Missouri while I was completing my MA in journalism. But life took me in a different direction and it took me another decade to set up Debrin Foxcroft Photography and to enter the world of maternity, newborn and family photography. 

If you google me, you will find that I have a PhD (yes, I am technically a Dr!), have worked for a number of news organisations and even had a cake-baking side hustle for several years.

In terms of my photography, I love celebrating women, motherhood and the experiences that make up life.


Vanessa and Lachlan

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"We’ve been to Debrin twice. My son doesn’t like the pop in shots and just cries and cries ... with Debrin we always get awesome pictures and my son leaves smiley!"

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